TENANCY - a dance in three movements: male duet, quartet (2m/2f), male solo

Original music for cello & piano by Beata Moon. Duration: 11:12 minutes

Inspired by the poetry of James Merrill.   Premiere:  November 5, 2011

The emotional impact of "TENANCY" is profound. Long-time principal dancer Ramon Thielen and Rübsam portray two men who have known and cared for each other, but have different goals. Rübsam seems to fight an inner battle before he separates from Thielen. Two women, Jacqueline Stewart and Phegan, fail to attract Thielen's attention and ultimately he is left alone. The lights fade slowly on Thielen, who retraces the opening steps of the male duet in solitude. Resident composer Beata Moon, who has been with the company since its beginning, supplied relevant original music for cello and piano.


Bella Rehnquist, dance-enthusiast.com (November 6, 2011)

...Ramon Thielen, a compelling dancer who is featured as well in Tenancy (also a premier). This dancer’s finely-honed body offered a satisfying opportunity to experience impeccable dance technique. Rübsam notes that this piece, in which he, as well as the excellent dancers Maria Phegan and Jacqueline Stewart appear, was inspired by the poetry of James Merrill. There is a feeling of pain and loss that is woven into this compelling piece.

Sue Salko, nytheaterguide.com (November 7, 2011)

Tenancy, with music by Beata Moon, starts off as a male-bonding duet for Ramon Thielen and Henning Rübsam. Maria Phegan and Jacqueline Stewart intrude on this masculine world, but the piece then evolves into a solo for Ramon Thielen in which his sheer physicality and the emotionally charged spirit of his dancing make a strong visual statement.

Philip Gardner, Oberon’s Grove (November 8, 2011)