“Closing the first half, Nonet is set to a remarkable score by Ricardo Llorca; the music sounds like a pure classic played on a broken turntable, throwing harmonies off-kilter and sending melodies askew. Really provocative. All nine of tonight's participating dancers appeared in this piece, moving across the space in sweeping entrances and exits while jagged fragments of partnering here and there accentuate the music's distorted symmetry.”

Philip Gardner, Oberon’s Grove (November 7, 2011)

"NONET," one of three premieres, is a fun neo-classical ballet for the nine-member ensemble. The bright colors of the costumes enhance the upbeat mood of the dancing. Elegant Maria Phegan starts out with three women mirroring her movements in canon.  Patterns form and dissolve into momentary mayhem only to build new configurations, which in turn bring the fine music by one of the company's resident composers, Ricardo Llorca, to a rich and satisfying life.


Bella Rehnquist, dance-enthusiast.com (November 6, 2011)

“Rübsam choreographed "Nonet" to the music of Ricardo Llorca, with whom he has collaborated for 10 years. The witty piece was a sort of ballet meets modern with a little bit of everything thrown in! The dancers threw themselves into the movement and Ms. Ginn and Temple Kemezis stood out with Ms. Phegan and Ramon Thielen showing skill and presence.”


Deborah Wingert, Eye on the Arts (November 13, 2011)

In Nonet (a premier) with the full company including Rübsam, our eyes continued to be drawn to the mesmerizing physical prowess of Ramon Thielen...it  is  apparent  that  Mr. Rübsam  has  imbued  his  dancers  with  all  of  the  beauty  and  passion  of  his  imaginative  genius.”

Sue Salko, nytheaterguide.com (November 7, 2011)

SENSEDANCE           1425 Third Avenue, #3c           New York, NY 10028           USA            001.212.717.6869


“NONET” - nine dancers, 8 minutes music: Ricardo Llorca,  premiere: November 5, 2011

one principal couple (m/f), 3f/4m.

Photo above by Nir Arieli:

Erin Ginn, Paul Monaghan, Ramon Thielen